Grants Administration Division

The City of Douglas receives grant funds from federal and state agencies, private foundations, and other entities, that are used to support ongoing City services, programs, and capital improvements. The Community Development Department - Grant Division, manages, monitors, and enforces the grants management process by working with City departments to ensure the City of Douglas is utilizing all available federal and state funding as well as meeting compliance and reporting requirements.


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Home Safe Program

Beginning April 1, 2011, the HomeSafe Georgia program will be offering mortgage payment assistance to prevent home foreclosures.  To apply, the Georgia applicant must be:

  • Currently unemployed, substantially underemployed, or got behind on mortgage payment while they were unemployed or underemployed
  • Must be the owner of the property
  • Must be a legal resident
  • Cannot have an IRS or Georgia tax lien
  • Cannot have an active bankruptcy
  • Cannot have liquid assets exceeding $5,000
  • Cannot have been convicted of a mortgage-related felony in the last 10 years
  • Additional criteria may apply

For more information, visit or check out the HomeSafe Georgia flyer or please contact the Community Development Department at (912) 389-3433.

  1. Christian Mikell

    Grants Administrator
    Phone: (912) 389-3458