Natural Gas

Since 1962, the Natural Gas Department has been supplying natural gas in the city and Coffee County.  The responsibilities of the Natural Gas Department are:
  • Conducting a variety of surveys and inspections including
    • Leak surveys
    • Regular station inspections
    • Valve inspections
    • Yearly safety inspections
  • Supplying natural gas to: 10 industrial customers, 280 commercial customers, and 1,170 residential customers

Call Before You Dig

Before you start digging, call (800) 282-7411 to find out the location of nearby power lines. View the Call Before You Dig brochure for more information.

Heating Energy Assistance Team

The Heating Energy Assistance Team (HEAT) is a nonprofit organization that assists Georgians with their home energy needs. For more information, please visit the program's website.

Staff Directory
View the Gas Department's staff directory.