Airport Commission

The Airport Commission acts as an advisory commission to the City Commission for recommendations regarding the safe operation and maintenance of the Douglas Municipal-Gene Chambers Airport.  Consists of ten (10) members - nine (9) members who have aviation knowledge and/or an aviation background and one (1) elected City Commissioner who is appointed by the Mayor and City Commission.  

Link to Volunteer Application (PDF)

Airport CommissionTerm Epiration
Byron Gillespie09/30/2024
Don Brooks09/30/2024
Ed Coleman09/30/2023
Greg Souther09/30/2023
Jason Fuller09/30/2023
Jim Rimes09/30/2022
Joey Hand, Chairman09/30/2022
Thomas H. Smith09/30/2022
Wayne McKinnon09/30/2024
Georgia Henderson, Ex-Officio
Howard Whidden, Ex-Officio
Ivalene Clark, Ex-Officio
John Henry, Ex-Officio
  1. Community Development

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