Fire Safety Education

Photo of Firefighters with Child in front of Inflatable Safety House

The City of Douglas Fire Department has received a new tool for fire education.  On Wednesday, July 15, 2021, the new Inflatable Fire Education House arrived at Douglas Fire Station #1 (Gordon Street). The 3-room inflatable fire house has a kitchen, living room, and bedroom that will be used to teach children proper fire safety tasks.  

“We will use the Inflatable Fire House as a new, interactive way to teach kids fire safety,” says Fire Chief Casey Wright.  “Children will walk with a firefighter through the house as the firefighter points out fire hazards and talks about safety.  At the end of the walk-thru, the child will climb out a window and carefully exit the house.  We hope this will be educational experience and children will leave with the knowledge of how to escape safely in the event of a house fire.”

While inside the inflatable house, children will be asked to locate potential fire hazards in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom and learn how to eliminate potential fire situations.  The house is large enough for children to crawl through and locate an emergency escape route while the house is filled with non-toxic, water-based “smoke”.  For more information about the house or to schedule the Douglas Fire Department for a visit, please call (912) 384-4815.

Fireworks Safety & HB 110

The State of Georgia has enacted a fireworks law, HB 110, for celebrations. The City of Douglas Fire and Police Department would like to encourage citizens to practice safety with fireworks and would like to make the public aware of a few facts about this new law.

For all information in HB 110, please visit Georgia General Assembly Legislative website.

Fireworks Safety Sheet (PDF)

Douglas Fire Department Vial of Life Program

Pill Bottles with Vial of Life Emergency Information Inside

The Douglas Fire Department would like to encourage citizens to participate in the Vial of Life Program. The Vial of Life program is a smart way to have medical information on hand during emergencies.

A Vial of Life Emergency Information Form will list medical information such as current medications, emergency contact, recent surgeries, procedures to avoid, allergies, and more medical information. The form should be folded with a rubber band around it for easy removal, inserted into a medicine bottle and placed in the refrigerator at your home on the top shelf. Affix a decal on the outside of the refrigerator so that emergency responders will see the decal and know your medical information is in the vial in the refrigerator. It is also a good idea to place a second vial of life in the glove compartment of your vehicle and affix a decal to the outside of the glove compartment door in case of a traffic accident.

The Douglas Fire Department’s Vial of Life program is sponsored by the Medicine Cabinet. For more information about the Vial of Life program, call 912-384-4815.