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C.E. Weir Senior Citizens Center

Max Occupancy 225


  1. Caterer's Kitchen (optional)
  2. Meeting Rooms
  3. Receptions and Banquets
About the Center
The Weir Senior Citizens Center is located in the Central Square Complex in downtown Douglas.

Named after Mr. C. E. “Pop” Weir, who was one of the charter members of the first formal senior citizen group in Coffee County, the building opened in 1990. Since then, the C. E. Weir Senior Citizens Center has been host for numerous events for older adults. The facility is excellent for special events, wedding receptions, family reunions, and business meetings.

Other Amenities
  • Building capacity of 225 persons
  • Fully equipped caterer’s kitchen
Rental Agreement
C.E. Weir Center Lease Agreement

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