Planning and Zoning Division

Mission Statement

To ensure that all land use and development proposals conform to the City's Comprehensive Plan and Code of Ordinances, provide information and services regarding existing and future land use and zoning.


The Planning and Zoning Division handles public inquiries, annexation and rezoning requests, short and long range planning, composition of land use regulations, and assures implementation of the community Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and Subdivision Regulations.

Comprehensive Plan

The Joint Comprehensive Plan for Coffee County and the Cities of Ambrose, Broxton, Douglas, and Nicholls is a document mandated by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs and must be revised every 5 years. The plan contains the City of Douglas’ goals and objectives and covers topics such as transportation, population, housing, land use, economic development, natural resources, historic resources, community facilities, and land use. A resolution to adopt the plans was approved by the City of Douglas Mayor and City Commission on September 25, 2023.

Link to FY' 2024 Joint Comp Plan for Coffee County and the cities of Ambrose, Broxton, Douglas, and Nicholls (2024-2028) (PDF)

Unified Land Development Code

This is the City of Douglas Unified Land Development Code as adopted by Mayor and Commission on February 28, 2011. This code may be amended from time to time by ordinance. Contact the Community Development Department for questions.

Unified Land Development Code  (as amended 8-8-2022) (PDF)

Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) Zoning Map for Douglas  (as of 3-31-2023) (PDF)

Application for Annexation, Deannexation, and Rezoning (PDF)

  1. Ebonee Dobson

    City Planner

Urban Redevelopment Plan

The City of Douglas Urban Redevelopment Plan was adopted in 2020.  For more information, please contact Georgia Henderson at the City of Douglas, 302 S. Madison Avenue, call 912-389-3433 or email.

Download the 2020 Urban Redevelopment Plan (PDF)